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You need a study permit in Canada if you desire to study for more than six months for graduation or higher studies and are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. A study permit is a document issued by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to an individual willing to study in Canada.

To be eligible for a Canadian study permit, a student must:

  • get a letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution (DLI).
  • provide enough funds to cover the cost of the first year of tuition fees, accommodation, and return transport.
  • assure the immigration authorities of Canada that on completing their studies they will return to their country.
  • have a non-criminal background.
Study Permit Application Process
Profile Creation

Creating a suitable file is very important for applying for a study visa. You must provide every required detail in the application, like name, address, supportive documents, ties to the country, and financial support. Our specialists will create your profile that will help in obtaining a study visa.

Study Visa

It is a document issued by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) permitting you to study in Canada. Our specialists provide expert guidance to support you in your study permit application.


With hundreds of institutions to study, you must choose wisely which institution is good for you and what you want to study. You must have your preferences for the areas and institutions where you want to study. However, whether it will be good for you is for our specialists to decide. We will guide you in each step and provide you with the best opportunities.

Post-Graduation Work Permit

The next step is to obtain a post-graduation work permit to enter the Canadian workforce. A post-graduation work permit allows you to work in Canada for three years after graduation. It is a great opportunity that can help you become a permanent resident of Canada in the future and gain a lot of work experience.

How to Become Eligible for Study Permit of Canada?

You must obtain a letter of acceptance from a designated learning institute (DLI) to apply for a study permit.

You must provide proof of having enough funds to cover the institution’s tuition fees for one year, accommodation, and return transportation costs.

You must have proof of your non-offensive background. A clearance certificate issued by the Police of your country might be needed.

You must undergo a medical examination to prove that you are healthy and do not have any health issues.

You must assure the immigration authorities that you have a residence outside Canada and other relationships that bind you to your home country.

A valid passport of an applicant is necessary from their native country included in the application.

If you want to know more about the study visa and its requirements, we are here to help. Our experts will consult and guide you through the whole process.