Family Sponsorship

Assistance in sponsoring family members

Effective guidance for sponsoring foreign family members in Canada

Individuals living in Canada can sponsor their family members living in foreign countries to acquire permanent residence in Canada. The family sponsorship program plays an essential role in reuniting the family members belonging to different regions of world and to attain Canadian citizenship certificate after a certain period of time. However, the Canadian government is not responsible for the finances and living of the sponsored individuals. The person who wants to sponsor his family members should be financially stable enough to carry the expenses of his sponsored family members.
Spouse, children, parents, orphaned brother or sister, orphaned nephew or niece are certain family members that are eligible of being sponsored.The Canadian government will provide financial support to the sponsored individuals after they have acquired permanent residency in Canada. If you are desirous to unite with your family members, you can easily sponsor them by availing the services provided by UW immigration. We have a team of expertise that will assist you to be sponsored or to sponsor you relatives to Canada.
Application and procession
Any individual who applies for the sponsorship of their family members, receive an application package. The application package is basically an application form consisting of a guide book that provides complete and proper instructions to the applicant. It is mandatory for the applicants to read all the details and instructions provided in the application package thoroughly. Certain documents are also required. The documents and the details provided to the application should be valid and correct.
Cost of application process
The total cost of the entire process of application comprises of permanent residence fees and biometric fees. The refunding of any type of fees is impermissible. So, the applicants should read all the information clearly and they should provide authentic details in the application. Permanent residence fees is applicable to the sponsored individuals who are spouse or biological children of the person sponsoring them. The biometrics fees is a set of complete data of the fingerprints of the sponsor. The permanent residence and biometrics fees is paid after the approval of the application.
Finalizing and submitting the application and documents
The application and the documents after completion are finalized to check for any missing or incorrect information. The process of finalizing application form is done by rechecking all the provided details. After finalizing and rechecking the application, it is submitted for approval. The application consisting of incorrect details or invalid documentations or unpaid dues will result in disapproval.
Basic imperatives
The sponsor should acquire a Canadian Citizenship certificate in order to sponsor his family members living in the other countries.
The minimum age limit for the sponsor to sponsor his relatives is 18 years. A sponsor who is less than 18 years old is ineligible to sponsor his family members.
As the Canadian government is not accountable for providing financial support to the sponsored individuals, the financial status of the sponsor should be stable enough to carry the expenses of his family until they acquire Citizenship certificate.