Express Entry

Guidance in express entry immigration to Canada
Effective programs for applying for express entry immigration to Canada

Due to growth and development of economic status of Canada in the recent years, many people are desirous to acquire permanent residence in Canada based upon their capability and work skills. An effective and accessible way of becoming a permanent inhabitant of Canada is through Express entry program. Express entry permits individuals to attain permanent residency in Canada through online scoring. It the quickest, simplest and accessible immigration system.

It is an online program thatpermits the individuals working in different firms of Canada acquire permanent residence. If you want to attain a status of permanent inhabitant in Canada, you can apply through Express entry program by following some simple and easy steps. You can apply for the status of immigrant through Express entry, by seeking guidance fromUW immigration services.Our team of advisors and professionals will assist you to apply for Canadian citizenship through this online immigration platform.

Important stagesfor applying as immigrant through express entry system
Eligibility and submission of profile
The first step for the application as an immigrant through express entry is to confirm whether the applicant is eligible or not. The eligibility of the candidate is decided by online scoring. After confirmation of the eligibility of the candidate, the next step is the submission of profile. Then the applicant will be ranked through Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). For the selection of the applicant, his score should be above the minimum points.
Invitation Letter
After the submission of profile and documents, the ranking of the individuals who have applied is done on the basis of their scores in online test. The applicants having the highest scores will receive the invitation letter. The invitation consists of all the instructions that are needed to be followed. The invitation is basically an invite to express pool where the selected candidates are approved. This enables the approved applicants to attain permanent residency in Canada.
Submission of documents and test results
After providing the required details in your profile, the next stage will be submission of documents and the result of the applicant’s online test. These documents include Language test result. The score of language test result is a proof of the eligibility of the candidate. All the documents submitted must be correct, valid and original. In case of any false document the applicant profile will be rejected.
Eligibility Criteria
The maximum age for the individuals applying for permanent residency through express enter should be 30 years. The applicants above this age are considered to be ineligible.
The candidate should hold two degrees. The degrees are to be of masters or bachelors. The applicant having one or no degree are not eligible for applying as an immigrant through express entry.
The minimum score of the candidate in the test conducted online should be 67 points out of 100 points.
The applicant should have a strong command on English or French.