Business Visa

Assistance in application of Business visa
Proficient assistance for travelling Canada as a Visitor
For the growth and establishment of business many businessmen travel Canada for various business purposes. A person who visits a foreign country for temporary business work requires a visa known as business visa. Business visa allows a person to perform business activities in Canada without a permanent association with a certain Canadian firm. Business visa plays a vital role in extend and progression of several projects and partnership with other foreign countries.The validity of business visa is 6 months after which a new visitor visa is issued.
Business visa permits the collaboration and negotiations between different companies located in different countries.You can acquire business visa to travel different business agencies in Canada by following the step wise assistance provided byUW immigration serviced. We have a team of expertise that will help you in application and procession of business visa
Important steps for the application of Business visa
For visiting Canada as a business visitor, the first step is application of visa. The people who are eligible for applying for business visa should have a letter of invitation from a certain Canadian firm. A letter of invitation is a proof of the identity of the applicant as business visitor information and details should be filled accurately without any mistake otherwise the application is rejected.
Submission of documents
Certain documents are required for the completion and procession of application. The documents must be attested and valid. Any unauthentic document result in rejection and penalty.
Submission and procession of application
After the completion of all the vitals, the next step is the submission of application. Before submission, the applicant should proofread the application. After the application is submitted, it will be processed by the board. If the application is approved by the board, further instructions are provided to the applicant.
For further security purposes, biometrics is an essential program. Biometrics is basically a composed data for fingerprints that proves applicants identity. It provides detailed information about the candidate.
General imperatives
After the approval of the application, applicant is asked to present with passport. The passport should be valid and original. If the passport is unauthentic, the business visa is disapproved.
The applicant should have the receipt of all the paid fees including application and biometric fees. The receipt of paid fees is a proof of the applicant in case of uncertain circumstances.
Letter of invitation from a Canadian firm is mandatory. Letter of invitation refers as an invite for the applicant to visit the specific company. The eligibility of the applicant for business visa depends upon Letter of invitation. No visa is granted without letter of invitation from a certain Canadian firm.